Etta Place Cider explores the terroir of Torrey

See the full article by Heather L. King published by Gastronomic Salt Lake City here.

“Nestled in the serene heart of Utah’s red rock country in Torrey, Utah, Etta Place Cider offers visitors a perfect combination of old-world charm and modern innovation through their hard cider creations. And it’s more than just a business, it’s a labor of love.

Owners and founders Ann Torrence and Robert Marc never planned to open a cidery. But having water rights on their homestead on the Fremont River eventually lead them to plant 90 different kinds of heirloom cider apples in their high-elevation orchards in Torrey.

Their small-but-mighty cidery on the west end of the town (700 W Highway 24 Torrey, UT) takes its moniker from the legendary Etta Place, who was the girlfriend of the notorious Sundance Kid. They and the Wild Bunch gang hid out at Robbers Roost. And much like its namesake, Etta Place Cider is a true trailblazer in the world of hard cider.

They’re committed to creating delicious hard ciders that capture the spirit of the American West. Their picturesque tasting room affords scenic views of Thousand Lake Mountain. Always willing to chat with visitors about their cider-making process, any visitor’s experience is enhanced by Torrence’s storytelling ability (she’s a writer and former researcher). And that friendly atmosphere combined with tranquil setting make for an unforgettable experience for anyone who visits.”

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